Fireplace manufacturer since 1923. Hand crafted and made to order in our own workshop

The finest materials from around the world combined with excellent attention to detail.

Fireplace manufacturer in the heart of Yorkshire producing handcrafted fireplaces since 1923. R O Arnolds fireplaces have moved constantly with the times from traditional fireplaces through to modern we have you covered.

Each of our Natura fireplaces can be resized and adjusted to fit the type of fire you require, made to order to the exact measurements you require, we can customise this centerpiece to fit your room perfectly.


Stone Fireplaces

Bespoke handcrafted stone fireplaces

All our fireplaces are made to order in the heart of Yorkshire, carefully cut and assembled by craftsmen with years of experience you can guarantee a quality fireplace everytime.


Stove Panels

Perfect sitting place for wood burning or gas stoves

Precisely cut and finished providing the perfect surface to site woodburning and gas stoves. With endless shapes and sizes we can make stove panels to suit your requirements



Stylish accompaniment for fires

Our range of clean cut polished slips are an excellent accompaniment for wall mounted fires allowing you to give a frames effect and set the fire out from the wall, also used as a feature to surround some fires within fireplaces.



Excellent addition when combined with the latest materials

Combining modern materials and fires to make truly stunning centerpieces to any room. Whether it is a full wall cladding or boxing in a 3 sided or tunnel fire. speak to one of our expert and find out how we can help


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