Granite is a natural stone which provides a stunning finish with each piece being unique in texture and finish; suitable for most applications granite makes an excellent kitchen worktop, bathroom vanity, fireplace and much more.

An igneous rock granite is produced from from molten magma which cools slowly. The large crystals and veins which can often bee seen throughout this natural material are due to the slow cooling process. It is this process that creates the stunning unique designs of granite found throughout the world today.

History of Granite

Used throughout human history back to the Great Pyramid of Giza and throughout other Egyptian, granite has played its part in many of mankind's most beautiful buildings and structures.

Originally calved by hand modern day technology allows precise cutting and sculpting of this material enabling our craftsmen to produce the stunning surfaces we do.


Responsibly sourced from around the world along with NSF and Greenguard certification we only source the best material for you.