Dekton by Cosentino

What is Dekton?

Dekton is a revolutionary ultra compact surface produced by world leading surface manufacturer Cosentino.

Produced with a sophisticated blend of raw materials including glass; porcelain; quartz and other materials under extreme pressure and heat, replicating the metamorphic process in which natural stone is formed over thousands of years; however due to the advances in technology this sinterized process removes the micro defects that occur in natural stone.

Zero porosity and the lack of micro defects result in a surface that is extremely low maintenance and hygienic with endless application possibilities in all building sectors. Dekton can be utilised by both interior and exterior designers providing a continuity throughout. Due to the large formats that are available and bookmatching options large spaces can be transformed with natural looking surfaces that seamlessly blend together. Different surface finishes are a possible with X Gloss, Matte, Textured and Suede along with antislip designed for wet application areas including bathrooms, saunas, spas and swimming pools.

Four varying thickness allow for different applications with 8mm, 12mm, 20mm and 30mm possible. 8mm Dekton is perfect for interior or exterior wall cladding even worktop overlays where 20mm and 30mm are an excellent solution for flooring and work surfaces.



Why Dekton Ultra Compact Surfaces?



The most scratch resistant surface on the market. Dekton wont scratch from knife use however a board is still recommended to protect your utensils.


Stunning Designs

From plain colours through to natural looking veined effects. A wide range of designs are available, so we are sure to find the perfect one for you.

Colour Stability

Pigmentation and decoration control giving better colour consistency and will not fade over time.


Non-porous and never needs sealing. Naturally preventing liquids and gasses penetrating the surface for a low maintenance and easy to clean surface

Tailor Made

Fabricated at our Yorkshire warehouse using the latest CNC technology resulting in minimal tolerances and a stunning finish


Gaining International EDP certification for its sustainability and support in improving efficiency of the consumption of raw materials, energy and waste.


At R O Arnold we have over 90 years of industry knowledge and expertise working with only the best quality materials and suppliers. Our fireplaces and surfaces are all made in England to the highest standard using the latest technology to ensure maximum precision.

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