What is Neolith?

Neolith is an ultra compact surface produced by a revolutionary sinterizing technique which accelerates the Earths natural stone production and removes the micro defaults.

One of the most stunning work surface ranges in the world ranging from plain colours through to natural veins and metal finishes for an industrial look. Along with the vast range of designs they are also available in a variety of thicknesses between 3mm and 20mm.



Hard Wearing


Due to the manufacturing process Neolith have produced a surface that can withstand heat, scratches, stains and impacts.

Non combustable

Resistant to High Temperatures

Does not burn or smoke when in contact with fire or high temperatures

Beautiful Surfaces

Stunning Surfaces

Designed to resemble natural granite and marble. Caesarstone quartz has some stunning designs that will make a great centre piece to any project



Easy to clean and resistant to chemical cleaning agents. Completely suitable for contact with food.

Tailor Made

Tailor Made

Designed with imagination in mind. Due to the properties of this Ultra compact surface and our expert craftsmen the design possibilities are endless.


Environmental Commitment

100% Recyclable and each Neolith board uses up to 53% recycled raw materials

100% Natural

Resin-free. No harmful substances released into the environment.