What is Silestone by Cosentino?

The highest quality Quartz guaranteed, Silestone is made from up to 90% natural quartz. Natural Quartz is one of the hardest minerals found on earth measuring 7 on the Mohs scale, combining natural Quartz with carefully selected resins Silestone provides the perfect surface solution for kitchens, bathrooms and much more.

A vast range of colours and designs are available from plain colours to naturally inspired marble effects taking inspiration from materials such as Calacatta and Carrara marble.

Through its production process Quartz benefits from being a tough and resilient surface. A scratch resistant surface that is very durable and a high resistance to impacts compared to granite. Low porosity due to its compact nature and the hardness of Quartz produces a surface that is acid and stain resistant. These features mean your surface will continue looking stunning for years to come.

Silestone N.BOOST

Technology on top, Silestone N.BOOST creates an additional layer of protection on your Quartz surface. Providing a surface that delivers unrivaled resistance against stains through hydro-repellent properties; polished surfaces are shinier than ever by creating a more even surface at a molecular level causing light to reflect more intensely.


As well as large format surfaces Silestone manufacture matching additions helping create a seamless integration for your room and design.
Kitchens have the options of Integrity sinks which produced in the same colour as your worktop provide a natural unbroken flow to any surface.
Non slip shower trays can be combined with cladding to create truly unique and stunning feature to any bathroom when combined with a matching washbasin.

Integrity Sink

Shower Trays


Why Silestone Quartz?


Stunning Surfaces

Designed to resemble natural granite and marble without the natural micro defects



High impact resistance which exceeds similar products such as granite. Perfect for you kitchen worktop when handling hard and heavy appliances.


Certified as safe to use for food preparation making it and excellent choice for your kitchen worktop

Hand Crafted

Hand crafted in our Doncaster workshop providing excellent quality and craftsmanship


At R O Arnold we have over 90 years of industry knowledge and expertise working with only the best quality materials and suppliers. Our fireplaces and surfaces are all made in England to the highest standard using the latest technology to ensure maximum precision.

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