Created from a blend of Raw materials and minerals ultra compact surfaces provide an excellent alternative to Granite, Marble or Quartz.
The process of creating these materials usually takes thousands of years, however, due to modern innovation and technology this process has been accelerated and enhanced to remove the natural micro-defects and weak spots.


All our ultra compact surfaces are eco-friendly using natural materials and respecting the environment by responsibly sourcing the materials complying with every European Environmental safety standard.

The technology used to precision manufacture our surfaces ensures optimum efficiency in terms of energy consumption and use of raw materials.


While other surfaces are stain resistant sintered surfaces are completely stain proof.

The ability to cut on your work surface without marking it is a real bonus however we still recommend a cutting board to protect your utensils.

Non-porus and never needs to be sealed. Naturally preventing liquids and gases from penetrating the surface.

Control over the pigmentation and decoration of the material giving better consistency from slab to slab

Consistent in all dimensions minimising the need for field correction allowing easy installation.

Able to withstand high temperatures without burning, scorching or cracking.

Over 5 times the strength of granite allowing for up to 12" unsupported overhang.

Beautiful and stylish surfaces giving your kitchen that luxurious feel


Due to being ultra compact with no micro faults or weak spots in the material, our ultra compact surfaces come in different thicknesses ranging from 6mm to 20mm.
Allowing us to fulfil your needs whatever they may be.

Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms as well as floors, walls paving, door cladding and even fireplace surrounds.


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